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    Basic Gusset Starter Pack

    This collection of gussets is a great starting point for creating upper structure sub assemblies for your FRC robot. This collection of gussets is great when paired with common aluminum box extrusions to create simple frames or mechanisms for your robot. We've selected the most commonly used gussets in FRC and have tailored this collection of gussets, along with a good amount of rivets, to help your robot take shape.

    Bundle Includes:


    • 10 - 1 in. 90 Degree Gusset (am-3860)
    • 4 - 1 in. 90 Degree Gusset (am-4158)
    • 10 - 1 in. Quad Gusset (am-4159)
    • 4 - 1 in. 45 Degree Gusset (am-4161)
    • 200 - 3/16 Steel Rivet (am-1226)
    • 10 - AM14U Family 2x3 Hole Bracket (am-2954)



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    # Pièce: am-4191
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