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    Hubs Blank

    (En stock)

    Each hub now has a "flower" pattern that fits and keys into the 42T 5mm HTD Pulley.

    Nub Kit

    (En stock)

    Nubs are hubs intended to connect motion components to shafts. Whether you're attaching motor output shafts to sprockets, gears, or wheels, this Nub kit has the right quantities to prototype or stockpile for repairs on your robot.

    Included Items:

    Wheel Conversion Plate with Nub Bore

    (En stock)

    This conversion plate acts as a hub between larger motion components featuring a 1.875" bolt circle to components of a smaller mounting circle such as a NeveRest Gearmotor. The bore of this plate fits shafts that are familiar to FIRST Tech Challenge teams.


    • Material: 5052 Aluminum
    • Bore: 0.320" (8.1mm)
    • Outside Bolt Pattern: 0.204" diameter holes on a 1.875" diameter circle
    • Inside Bolt Patterns:
    • Four - 0.150" (3.8mm) diameter holes on a 0.630" (16mm) diameter circle
    • Four - 0.160" (4mm) diameter holes on a 0.770" (19.5mm) diameter circle
    • Outside Diameter: 2.125" from side to side
    • Thickness: 0.125"
    • Material: 5052 Aluminum

    Winch Spool

    (En stock)

    This spool makes up part of our Afterburner Winch Kit (am-3344). If you wish to adapt your own winch system you can simplify the process by using this off the shelf spool. The winch drum diameter is 1.426". The spool has a hole tapped for a 1/4-20 screw.

    Weight: 0.548 Pounds

    8 in. HD Pneumatic Wheel Hub Assembly 0.5 in. Hex Bore


    This pneumatic wheel hub offers a significant strength improvement over our popular plastic-hubbed 8in. Pneumatic WheelThis variant of this strong hub features a 1/2 hex bore, which is a perfect choice for building a WCD style drivetrain, or any live 1/2 hex axle style drive configuration. This product ships without a tube or tire, allowing you to choose your own adventure with any 200x50mm pneumatic tire, such as our 8in tire. The hub of the wheel is comprised of a machined aluminum core, with two flat machined plates bolted to it to retain the tube and tire. This product is great for both FRC drivetrain applications, or non-FIRST outdoor applications as well.


    This product ships as an unassembled kit.



    CAD File(s)

    am-3934 8IN HD Pneumatic Wheel Hub Assembly 500IN Hex Bore.STEP

    Layout Print(s)

    am-3934 8IN HD Pneumatic 500IN Hex Bore Wheel Hub Assembly.PDF