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    Robits Core Kit

    Robits is a new AndyMark building system for FIRST Tech Challenge teams, designed with accessibility in mind. Robits encourages rapid iteration and promotes development of critical thinking and problem solving.


    The Robits system is designed to reduce complexity and enable robust builds. Parts align to a common 1/2" grid simplifying construction and allowing alignment of both structure and motion components. Optimized resolution of components simplifies the system while allowing teams to always have the parts they need to complete a build.


    Robits is an excellent cross-program system utilizing many common features and components FIRST Robotics Competition teams have grown to prefer.



    The Robits CENTERSTAGE Robot was designed to be built only using the Robits Core Kit, just add a control system! It can reliably pick up Pixels, score Pixels, and hang. Its design has plenty of flexibility to iterate and tune the design to each team's needs.

    The design of this robot can be found in the files hosted at the bottom of this page.**Note** The Servo Programmer (am-3218) is required to set the mode of the roller servo to continuous mode.  



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    Linear Slide Rail, 384mm Length, 240mm Stroke

    ( 299 En stock)

    The Studica Slide Rail is made of light weight aluminum, is 24mm wide, and is perfect for building a multi-stage slide system. Closed length is 384m, with a 240mm stroke, creating a 530mm extended length. 




    • Width: 24mm
    • Height: 7.2mm
    • Length: 384mm
    • Stroke: 240mm
    • Extendended length: 530mm
    • Material: 6061 Aluminum
    • Step file

    Compact Linear Slide ( 1 Stage Kit)


    Specifically designed for FTC, (though not limited to FTC), this remarkable system is a quick way to execute a controlled extension. Each stage of the Compact Linear Slide is controlled by a pulley system that can be rigged to power both extension and retraction.



    • 1 Stage has 12.18 inches of stroke 
    • 2 Stage has 24.37 inches of stroke
    • 3 Stage has 36.56 inches of stroke
    • Additional Stages
      • AndyMark officially supports a 3 stage system however teams may elect to add additional stages to increase reach. 
      • Note: Teams should consider the increased wraps of string on the pulley assembly when attempting to add more stages.

    Compact Linear Slide Add on Stage Kit

    ( 0 En stock)

    This kit can be used in addition to the Compact Linear Slide to add length to the extension limit of the device. 

    Each Additional Stage Includes:


    • 1 - SAR330 Aluminum Slide (am-4837)
    • 2 - Bearing, 3mm x 12mm x 4mm, V-Groove (am-4836)
    • 4 - Screw, Flat Head M3-0.5 x 5mm Steel (am-1668)
    • 2 - Screw, SHCS, M3-0.5 x 35mm, Zinc Plated (am-1671)
    • 2 - M3-0.5 Nylock Nut (am-1023)
    • 1 - 352 mm Pulley Mount (am-4838)

    INTO THE DEEP℠ Tool Set



    This Tool Set includes everything you need to assemble the 2024-2025 FIRST Tech Challenge game, INTO THE DEEP℠ presented by RTX.



    Components in am-5400_tool:


    • 1 - 5/32 Ball End Hex Driver (am-2751)
    • 1 - 3/8 Nut Driver (am-3877)
    • 1 - 3/8 Combination Wrench (am-4961)
    • 1 - 1/2-9/16 Open-End Wrench (am-2746)
    • 1 - 3/8 in. Magnetic Impact Nutsetter (am-2755)
    • 1 - Cable Tie Cutters (am-3910 or am-3910a)

    Assorted Heat Shrink Tubing Kit Red and Black 198 Pieces


    This Heat Shrink Assortment kit is perfect for outfitting your shop with a comprehensive selection of shrink tube. It contains many lengths and gauges to be used.

    Tetrix Max Multi-Nut Pliers


    Tetrix Max Multi-Nut Pliers are designed to hold nuts, while bolts are tightened. The long, narrow neck reaches into tight places. Great for building TETRIX robots.