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    The ZA6 Robot is a 6kg payload industrial robot arm that affords a wide (900mm) range of motion.
    Its industrial aluminum castings, harmonic gear drives, servo motors, and EtherCAT fieldbus give it performance similar to other industrial robots,
    including a repeatability of ± 0.020 in (0.5 mm), at a fraction of the price.

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    Hold to Run Switch


    Hold to run switch (also known as a “dead man’s” switch) with 4m cable and M12 connector for use with ZA6 robot.


    The switch has dual action – when depressed half-way it allows the robot to be jogged at 10% of maximum velocity. When released or pressed all the way in it engages the robots safety circuit, stopping all motion and removing motor power.

    Light Curtain Safety Device - Short

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    The ZA6 robot requires the presence of a safety input to function. The 51173 light curtain sender/receiver pair comes with mounting hardware and is pre-wired with an M12 connector for use with the ZA6’s safety input.


    • Dimension: 1.43 in. x 1.18 in. x 13.23 in. (36.5 mm x 30 mm x 33 mm
    • Working distance between transmitter and receiver: .79 in. - 118.11 in. (20 mm - 3000 mm.)
    • Detection resolution (minimum detected size): .98 in. (25 mm)
    • Response time: 10ms – 65ms
    • Enclosure rating: IP65

    Parallel Jaw Gripper Kit

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    Set of two parallel jaw grippers mounted on pivot plate, includes control solenoids, mounting hardware, tools, screws, barrel connector, and tubing.

    Passive Probe Kit

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    The Passive Probe Kit is an economical probe that quickly and automatically sets work offsets using PathPilot’s integrated probing routines.

    PathPilot Controller - Rev. C

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    Control computer for all ECM 1.4- 1.5 controlled machines

    Proximity Sensor

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    Proximity sensor pre-wired with M12 connector for use with ZA6 robot digital inputs.

    Tormach ZA6 Robot

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    The ZA6 Robot is the ideal blend of automation and educational training. It affords a cost-effective solution to providing hands-on evidence, not just concepts.


    Vacuum Sponge Cup Gripper

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    Sponge vacuum cup with integrated Venturi vacuum generator for ZA6 robot

    22 in. LCD Widescreen Touch Screen Monitor

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    Monitor, Planar PCT2235 22" LCD Touchscreen with USB connection.