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    QTY 1 - 36 Inch Long 1/2" Rounded Hex Shaft - 7075 Aluminum

    A staple in any robotics team's shop - the 1/2" rounded hex shaft. This shaft allows you to drive hubs, pulleys and other 1/2" hex broached items while also fitting into a 13.75mm ID bearing with ease. This shaft comes in lengths of 36 inches so you can cut them down to the size you need.


    Available in both 7075 (anodized black) or 6061 (not anodized) variants.


    Includes a hole sized for #10 taps.

    MFR Part #: TTB-0069
    Availability: 30 in stock
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    Hex Molded Spacers, 1/2 Hex, 0.5 inch length


    Whether you are building an elite custom drivetrain or a championship manipulator, you need your components to stay where they're supposed to. These lightweight spacers come in 3/8", 1/2", and 5 mm hex bores to accommodate the most common shaft types They can also be used on round shafts and bolts (5mm is great for #10 hardware!). If you need to space a lot grab some 1" spacers. If you need ultimate precision pick up some 0.063" spacers. Not sure which spacers you need? Keep a handful of all six sizes in your shop and never go hungry for spacers again! 


    These spacers are molded in black polycarbonate, a tough, crack resistant material that FIRST teams are familiar with. These spacers should resist stress cracking. If polycarbonate isn't rugged enough for your high load application or you need custom length spacers, check out our Aluminum Hex Spacer Extrusion.




    • Inside Diameter: 0.375 in. Hex, 0.50 in. Hex, 5 mm Hex
    • Length: 0.063 in., 0.125 in., 0.188 in., 0.250 in., 0.375 in., 0.50 in., 1.00 in.
    • Material: Polycarbonate
    • Outside Diameter: 0.787 in. Round
    • Weight: Up to 0.014 lbs

    3 in. Compliant Wheel, 1/2 Inch Hex, 40A Durometer, Orange

    (0 In stock)

    You asked, we listened! These 3" diameter HD (heavy-duty) solid-core Compliant Wheels are intended for manipulating objects where you need a little 'give' in your intake system. These wheels deform out of the way to allow rigid objects to be manipulated easily. This makes for high-performance intakes and internal conveyors. These wheels do not require the use of expensive hubs to be driven, thanks to their integrated high strength polycarbonate hubs - which are made from the same mold that creates our Hex Molded Spacers.

    Different durometer ratings give each wheel unique characteristics. Green compliant wheels (35A durometer) are the softest and most compliant around objects, while maroon (45A) blue (50A) and black (60A) wheels are increasingly firm.




    • Bore: 0.375 in. Hex, 0.5 in. Hex, 5 mm Hex
    • Color: Green, Black, Blue, Black
    • Core Material: Polycarbonate
    • Diameter: 3 in.
    • Durometer: 35A (Green), 40A (Orange), 50A (Blue), 60A (Black)
    • Tread Material: TPU
    • Weight: 0.12 lbs
    • Overall Width: 1 in.




    Layout Print(s)

    am-3946 3IN 375Hex Compliant Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-3945 3IN 500Hex Compliant Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-4537 3in 5mm Hex Molded Compliant Wheel.PDF

    CAD File(s)

    am-3946 3IN 375Hex Compliant Wheel REV 3.STEP

    am-3945 3IN 500Hex Compliant Wheel REV 3.STEP

    am-4537 3in 5mm Hex Molded Compliant Wheel.STEP

    1/2 inch id Flanged, Shielded Ball Bearing (FR8ZZ)

    (In stock)

    Product Overview: 

    • 1/2" id, shielded, flanged ball bearing 


    • Inside Diameter: 0.500 inch
    • Outside Diameter: 1.125 inch
    • Flange Thickness: 0.062 inch
    • Overall Thickness: 0.312 inch
    • Weight: 0.052 pounds
    • Material: Steel

    Bearing, 1/2 inch Hex Bore, Flanged, (FR8ZZ-HexHD)

    (187 In stock)

    This is a Heavy Duty Hex Bearing which outperforms our previous 1/2" Hex Bearings as it has a Heavy Duty Inner Race. This FR8ZZ-HexHD bearing, 1/2" hex bore, flanged, heavy duty inner race, shielded ball bearing, has an inner race that is thicker and stronger than our recent offering of a similar bearing (am-0279). This bearing has more material between the corners of the hex bore and the edge of the race making it stronger and much less likely to crack under high load.

    This bearing is guaranteed to have a stronger, thicker race. 100% of these bearings have been quality checked for a smooth fit over 1/2" hex stock here at AndyMark. Many of our long-time customers will recognize this bearing, as it is the same version we sold back in 2008-2011, and we did not have any failures. Now, it is renamed and quality checked for your high load needs - including drive chassis with cantilevered wheels.


    • Inside diameter: 0.500-0.502 inch hex bore
    • Outside diameter: 1.125 inch
    • Flange thickness: 0.062 inch
    • Overall thickness: 0.312 inch
    • Weight: 0.05 pound

    SB-50A Anderson Powerpole Connector with Contacts

    (In stock)

    Anderson Power Products Connector with 2 contacts. 


    • Material (APP Connector): Red Plastic
    • Weight: 0.060
    • Mounting holes: 0.15" diameter, 3/4" apart

    Included Hardware:

    • One - SB-50A red plastic connector
    • Two - Anderson Power Products crimp contacts (sized for 6 gauge wire)

    Sushi Roller Intake Wheels - 1/2 in. Hex, 40a (Orange)


    The Sushi Roller Intake Wheels are an excellent choice for robot intakes, internal conveyors, feeder mechanisms, or anywhere you need a durable, compact and grippy roller. These rollers are made with a robust polycarbonate hex bore hub, so no external hub is necessary - just slide them onto a hex shaft, constrain them axially and you are good to go. Available in a range of durometers for a wide variety of applications, these cute little rollers are great for getting a grip on things!



    • Bore: 0.5 in. Hex, 5 mm Hex, 0.375 in. Hex
    • Core Material: Polycarbonate
    • Diameter: 1 in.
    • Durometer: 35A (Green), 40A (Orange), 50A (Blue), 60A (Black)
    • Tread Material: TPU
    • Weight: 0.022 lbs
    • Width: 1 in.