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    Sport Gearbox Motor Mount Kits CIM/NEO

    These motor mounting kits attach various motor options to a sport gearbox. Each kit includes the correct pinion, plate, and mounting hardware to pair a Sport gearbox with your favourite motor.

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    16T, CIM Sport Pinion

    (16 En stock)

    This pinion gear attaches to an CIM style motor or gearbox so it can be used with a CIM Sport Gearbox.


    • Tooth Count: 16
    • Module: 0.7
    • Pressure Angle: 20
    • Pitch Diameter: 0.44 in.
    • Overall Length: 0.35 in.
    • Material: Steel
    • Bore: 0.312" Round (7.92mm) This is a press fit onto the CIM Motor (am-0255)
    • Weight: 0.008 Pounds

    West Coast Drive Style Bearing Block Kit

    (25 En stock)

    A West Coast style drivetrain can be finicky to create without precision machining capabilities. This Bearing Block Kit makes it much more accessible for teams to create high performance West Coast Drive style platforms with limited fabrication resources. Simply drill a clearance hole for a shaft to pass through your drive rail, pull your chain or belt tight, and clamp it down with the included hardware. Featuring machined pockets to capture 10-32 Nylock Nuts, these blocks can be used and reused without worrying about damaging threads upon installation. Because each block is the same part, you can keep the screw heads pointing to the outside of your robot for easy maintenance. 


    This unassembled kit ships with enough hardware to provide significant clamping pressure to help keep your powertrain components tensioned properly, and can withstand upwards of 1500lbs of force along the axis of the tube when properly installed. This means that for most FRC use cases, a team can install these without the need for tensioning devices to keep things aligned.


    The AndyMark West Coast Drive Bearing Block Kit is designed to be used with flanged ball bearings with a 1.125" outer race, such as our FR8ZZ-HexHD Bearing.


    Wheel Example


    The AndyMark West Coast Drive Bearing Block Kit also includes mounting geometry for components that utilize 2" and 1.875" bolt circles, such as motors, gearboxes, sprockets, hubs and gears. This makes this product great for many uses outside of your drivetrain, such as a robust interface to make a rotary arm, or an easy-to-use mounting interface for motors to power your mechanisms. The bearing plate is also 2" wide, making it perfect to keep two 20DP gears (of which the total teeth add up to 80,) meshed together.


    Sprocket Example Gearbox and Gears Example

    Items Included

    • 2 - WCD Bearing Block (am-4560)
    • 4 - 10-32 Nylock Nut (am-1042)
    • 4 - 10-32 x 1.5in Socket Head Cap Screw (am-1014)


    • Block Height: 0.45 in.
    • Block Length: 2.88 in.
    • Block Material: Aluminum
    • Block Width: 2.00 in.
    • Weight: 0.33 lbs



    Layout Print(s)

    am-4576 WCD Bearing Block Kit.pdf

    am-4560 WCD 1.125 Bearing Block REV 2.pdf

    CAD File(s)

    am-4576 WCD Bearing Block Kit.STEP

    am-4560 2x1 WCD 1.125 Bearing Block REV2.STEP

    Bearing, 1/2 inch Hex Bore, Flanged, (FR8ZZ-HexHD)

    (87 En stock)

    This is a Heavy Duty Hex Bearing which outperforms our previous 1/2" Hex Bearings as it has a Heavy Duty Inner Race. This FR8ZZ-HexHD bearing, 1/2" hex bore, flanged, heavy duty inner race, shielded ball bearing, has an inner race that is thicker and stronger than our recent offering of a similar bearing (am-0279). This bearing has more material between the corners of the hex bore and the edge of the race making it stronger and much less likely to crack under high load.

    This bearing is guaranteed to have a stronger, thicker race. 100% of these bearings have been quality checked for a smooth fit over 1/2" hex stock here at AndyMark. Many of our long-time customers will recognize this bearing, as it is the same version we sold back in 2008-2011, and we did not have any failures. Now, it is renamed and quality checked for your high load needs - including drive chassis with cantilevered wheels.


    • Inside diameter: 0.500-0.502 inch hex bore
    • Outside diameter: 1.125 inch
    • Flange thickness: 0.062 inch
    • Overall thickness: 0.312 inch
    • Weight: 0.05 pound

    24T HTD Pulley, 1/2" Hex Bore

    (En stock)


    • Flange diameter: 1.654"
    • Outside Diameter: 1.459"
    • Pitch Diameter: 1.504"
    • Width: 0.276"
    • Bore: 0.50" Hex
    • Material: Black Polycarbonate
    • Fits belt types: 5mm pitch HTD timing belt, 9mm wide
    • Weight: 0.0025 Pounds

    35 Series Symmetrical Hub Sprockets 500Hex, 10 Tooth

    (12 En stock)

    11 different offerings of our 35 Series Plate Sprockets. These are perfect for meshing with roller chain and finally getting that-thing-that-you-need-to-spin moving!


    These Aluminum sprockets work perfectly with any of our 6 hole hubs and mesh with #35 roller chain.



    • Bolt Circle: 0.206 in. diameter holes on a 1.875 in. diameter circle
    • Chain Series: 35
    • Inside Diameter: 1.1245 in.
    • Material: 6061 Aluminum
    • Thickness: 0.168 in.

    57 Sport Gearbox 64:1 HD Ratio

    (4 En stock)

    The 57 Sport is a competition tested high performance line of planetary gearboxes from AndyMark and BaneBots. The 57 Sport features numerous improvements over previous planetary gearboxes used on FIRST Robotics Competition robots.